Founded by the earliest Scala adopters in Belgium, Strong[Typed] brings together a team of highly skilled and experienced Scala consultants.

We are specialized in developing applications based on Scala and the Reactive Programming principles. We build high quality projects for our customers and help their teams in getting up to speed with Scala and Reactive Programming through workshops and coaching sessions.

At Strong[Typed] , we believe in simplicity and technical excellence. We are pioneers of modern software development. Using statically typed languages and expressive code we build robust, error free and easy to maintain applications.


Being a Typesafe Certified Consulting partner, Strong[Typed] organizes official Typesafe training on Scala, Akka and Play. The training is given by Typesafe trainers.

Our combined service offer consist of Typesafe training on Scala, Akka and/or Play with follow-up coaching session delivered by Strong[Typed].

Who are we?

Luc Duponcheel

Luc is a Java/Scala instructor/developer. He worked as an independent for Sun, Oracle and Red Hat. Before that he worked as a researcher on programming language and library design at the University of Utrecht.

Luc is co-organiser of BeScala and member of the Devoxx Belgium program committee.

Renato Cavalcanti

Renato is a Java/Scala developer. Coming from a totally different field (psychology), he discovered a passion for programming in 1999. Scala aficionado since 2009, he has been hacking in Scala and related technologies for fun and profit.

Renato is the founder of BeScala.